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Don’t Leave your Dog in the Car!

By Kenison Law on June 17, 2016

hotcarOn a fair summer day with a temperature of 70 degrees, the inside of your car can turn into a scalding 90 degrees with closed windows after just 10 minutes. Dogs cannot cool themselves down as easily as people, and once they overheat, they can suffer extensive organ damage or die.

Are there laws in place to protect these hot dogs in need? There are several states that have laws specifically about pets in cars. New Hampshire is one of them. New Hampshire RSA 644:8-aa states as follows:

“It shall be cruelty to confine an animal in a motor vehicle or other enclosed space in which the temperature is either so high or so low as to cause serious harm to the animal.”

Knowing this however, there grey areas regarding civilian rescue efforts. This is where common law comes into play, and a civilian could potentially face criminal charges for smashing a window to save a dog. So always call 9-1-1 first before taking any further action. Keep your pets safe this summer.

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