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Honest & Accessible Personal Injury Attorney with Proven Results

Keene Car Accident Lawyer

Car Accident Lawyer Keene, NH

Car Accident Lawyer Keene, NH - Model of car and gavel. Accident lawsuit or insurance, court case.As a Keene, NH car accident lawyer understands, many people wonder what they can file compensation for after a car accident. Sure, physical injuries and property damage may seem fairly obvious, but what about other, less obvious injuries? Is it possible to receive compensation for things like emotional distress? How do you even prove something like that? We understand that when it comes to car accidents, physical injuries are not the only thing you are likely to walk away with. Even minor car accidents can be distressing because you may suddenly be wondering what would happen if you were not here tomorrow or what your family would do if you were not here. This can be incredibly difficult to come to terms with, and the team at Kenison Law Office, PLLC understands that you may need time to come to grips with what you are feeling. Give our office a call when you want to learn more about filing a claim. 

How do you fight for compensation for emotional distress? 

There is a term you have likely heard regarding emotional distress after an accident known as “pain and suffering.” Pain and suffering can happen with minor or severe accidents and it is not something that an insurance company should take lightly. You have the right to get compensation for pain and suffering when you deal with issues like: 

  • How the accident may have changed your personal relationships
  • How the accident affects your anxiety and fear regarding cars
  • How the accident affects your ability to sleep
  • How a physical neurological injury affects your emotions
  • How you come to terms with an amputation or disfigurement following an accident
  • Other ways that the accident may have mentally and emotionally affected you 

Our Keene car accident lawyer understands that the injuries you are suffering from are likely more than just physical. When this is the case, you have the right to fight for compensation. 

Why is it so difficult to get compensation for pain and suffering? 

When you need compensation for your pain and suffering, it can be difficult to get a set amount of compensation because there may not be an exact dollar amount like you would expect to see from the car repair shop or from your medical records. Instead, like so many states, New Hampshire has caps on the number of damages a person can be awarded for pain and suffering so that the compensation does not get wildly out of control. A jury may look at your case and set a dollar amount based on things such as how the accident impacts your home relationships, how your lifestyle is changed, how long the impact of the accident will be, and how your day-to-day routine is affected. There are many things to consider and your lawyer will be thorough in what they bring up in your claim. 

Compensation is not always simple following a car accident and pain and suffering can complicate things. When you need help following your car accident, contact a Keene car accident lawyer from Kenison Law Office, PLLC for help. 

Car Accident Lawyer Roles & Responsibilities

When it comes to unfortunate incidents like car accidents, it is important to have a Keen, NH car accident lawyer on your side. These legal professionals specialize in handling cases related to car accidents and provide expert guidance to victims seeking compensation for their injuries and damages. A lawyer from Kenison Law Office, PLLC can assist you.

Car accident lawyers possess extensive knowledge of personal injury law, which encompasses the legal principles and regulations that govern accidents and their aftermath. Their expertise lies in assessing the unique circumstances surrounding each case and applying their knowledge to protect the rights of their clients. By understanding the legal framework and utilizing their experience, car accident lawyers help their clients obtain the best possible outcome.

How An Experienced Lawyer Can Help

A car accident lawyer is responsible for gathering evidence and building a strong case. This involves conducting a thorough investigation of the accident scene, reviewing police reports, interviewing witnesses, and gathering any other relevant information. By meticulously piecing together the details, they aim to establish liability and prove the negligence of the responsible party.

Once liability is established, a car accident lawyer assists their client in pursuing compensation for multiple damages, like medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, pain and suffering and emotional distress. The lawyer works closely with their client to assess the extent of the damages suffered and accurately calculate the compensation that should be sought.

Besides negotiating with the at-fault party’s insurance company, a Keene car accident lawyer is skilled at advocating for their clients in court if the case goes to trial. They present a compelling argument, backed by evidence and legal expertise, to help the jury or judge understand the full impact of the accident on their client’s life. Their goal is to secure a fair and just verdict or settlement that reflects the damages incurred by their client.

Support when needed most.

Beyond their legal acumen, car accident lawyers also provide much-needed support and guidance during a challenging time. They understand the physical, emotional, and financial toll that a car accident can have on an individual and their family. With compassion and empathy, they offer reassurance, answer questions, and ensure their clients are well-informed about the legal process every step of the way.

It is important to note that not all car accident cases require the expertise of a lawyer. However, consulting with one can provide invaluable insights into the potential value of a claim and the best course of action. Many car accident lawyers offer free initial consultations, allowing victims to discuss their case and determine whether legal representation is necessary.

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Car accident lawyers play an important role in helping victims of car accidents to navigate the complexities of personal injury law. With their knowledge, experience, and dedication, they strive to protect the rights of their clients and help them obtain the compensation they deserve. By providing legal expertise, guidance, and support, a Keene car accident lawyer can ensure that victims have the best possible chance of recovering from the devastating consequences of a car accident. Schedule an appointment with a lawyer from Kenison Law Office, PLLC today.

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