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Honest & Accessible Personal Injury Attorney with Proven Results

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Premises Liability Lawyer Manchester, NH

Manchester Premises Liability LawyerA Manchester, NH premises liability lawyer knows that between liquid products, produce-watering equipment, and rain seeping in through the ceiling, customers who shop at grocery stores may get hurt from a slip and fall. These types of accidents often happen at grocery stores and there may be several contributing factors, such as wet or slippery floors, poor lighting, cluttered aisles, uneven surfaces, and improper maintenance. Grocery store companies and their employees must do their best to prevent shoppers from sustaining injury. They can do so by regularly maintaining and expecting their premises, training employees, and ensuring that any spills or hazards are attended to promptly throughout the day. If you suffered injury from a slip and fall, contact our team at Kenison Law Office, PLLC as soon as you can. You may be owed compensation. 

Slip and Fall Causes

Leaks or spills on the floor can create a significant hazard for grocery shoppers. A shopper is more likely to be focused on browsing the aisles and price checking, and are not necessarily going to be looking at the ground constantly the entire time they are browsing. Dim or poorly placed lighting can also make it challenging to see any debri that is present on the floor, which increases the risk of a fall. An aisle cluttered with bags, boxes, or other items can become a serious tripping hazard. Floors that are uneven or have a slick like surface can cause a shopper to take a serious tumble. The owner of the property and its employees have to maintain the premises so that shoppers are not at a safety risk. If any of these contributing factors were present when a shopper slipped and fell, then the grocery store may be liable for medical bills, loss of wages, and other damages. 

Grocery Store Liability

Your lawyer can assess your situation and let you know whether a grocery store is liable for your slip and fall accident. As a Manchester premises liability lawyer explains, determining liability is going to depend on the specific circumstances of what happened. To successfully prove negligence, you will have to show evidence that the store owed you a duty of care in your safety, this duty of care was breached, the breach had led to your accident, and you have suffered monetary loss from the incident. For instance, perhaps the store management was aware of a leak in the ceiling, but had not sufficiently fixed the issue, which had led to a big puddle of water forming on the floor and your subsequent slip and fall. This is an example of negligence in which the store was aware of the hazard but had not attended to it within a reasonable time frame. 

Legal Assistance

If you sustained serious injury from a slip and fall at a grocery store, or another location, then we suggest speaking with a Manchester premises liability lawyer as soon as possible for a consultation. The team at Kenison Law Office, PLLC is ready to come to your aid and help you pursue fair compensation for what you have endured.

Verdicts And Settlements

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