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Honest & Accessible Personal Injury Attorney with Proven Results

Honest & Accessible Personal Injury Attorney with Proven Results

Manchester Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury cases typically involve someone inflicting physical harm on another person as a result of careless conduct. The injured party then brings a negligence claim to recover money for the harm inflicted. Auto accident claims are a common example. There are many other kinds of personal injury claims. But however the case arises, the goal is always the same – to provide fair compensation to the injured party.

Unfortunately, insurance companies will try to get injury victims to accept less compensation than they deserve. That is why solid legal representation is so important. John B. Kenison, Jr. is a personal injury lawyer in Manchester, NH. He used to work for insurance companies and he understands how they operate. Contact us today to discuss your case.

Working as a Team to Build Strong Cases

Mr. Kenison has practiced law in New Hampshire since 1988. Our Manchester personal injury law firm has access to private investigators, accident reconstructionists, economic experts, and leading professionals in other fields related to personal injury. With this combined level of experience, we are prepared to handle even the largest and most complex injury cases.

Working together, we can develop a powerful case to present to the insurance adjuster, or, if necessary, to the jury.

One additional team member is vitally important to every personal injury case, and that person is you, the client. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to gather details that may not be available from other sources. For example, a client may have missed a meaningful family event because he or she was recovering from injuries at the time. These types of details can directly impact the size of a damage award.

Clients know better than anyone how an accident has affected their lives. Working together, we can develop a powerful case to present to the insurance adjuster, or, if necessary, to the jury.

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Accept

The personal injury attorneys with Kenison Law Office handle all categories of personal injury cases, including:

  • Wrongful death: Responsible parties cannot escape liability just because their victims pass away and are not present to assert their own claim. Mr. Kenison obtains justice on behalf the victim’s estate and surviving family.
  • Motor vehicle accidents: We help people hurt in collisions involving passenger vehicles, commercial trucks, and recreational vehicles of all types. We can also help those in need of a motorcycle accidents lawyer.
  • DUI: Our firm aggressively pursues claims against drivers who cause accidents when DWI (Driving While Intoxicated).
  • Medical malpractice: The first rule of medicine is “do no harm.” We hold doctors and hospitals responsible when they act carelessly.
  • Defective products: Consumer goods can be dangerous due to poor design, manufacturing errors, or missing safety warnings.
  • Animal attacks: Preventable dog bites occur every day. Sadly, victims are often young children. We make sure irresponsible pet owners pay for the harm they cause.
  • Slip and fall: Landlords and commercial tenants must take reasonable steps to repair or warn of hidden dangers. As a premises liability lawyer, Mr. Kenison represents people hurt by hazardous property conditions.
  • Broken Bones: Even if these injuries do not threaten your life, they can disrupt your life and diminish your quality of life and ability to earn a living.
  • Spinal cord injuries: The ramifications of a spine injury can affect you for the rest of your life. We can help you collect the restitution you will need.
  • Industrial accidents: Some of the most serious, life-altering injuries our firm deals with occur on construction sites.
  • Traumatic brain injury: These significant injuries can have lifelong consequences. We can help you collect the compensation necessary to cope with the results of a traumatic brain injury.
  • Intentional torts: Not all personal injury cases are accidents. We bring civil claims on behalf of victims of assault, abuse, and other intentional misconduct.

Every personal injury lawsuit is inherently unique. We are here to answer questions and help determine whether you have a valid claim.

What Is a Statute of Limitations?

A statute of limitations refers to the deadline by which a personal injury victim must file a lawsuit against the responsible party. In New Hampshire, it is generally three years. Even if the statute of limitations is not an immediate concern in your case, you will want to secure legal representation from an experienced Manchester personal injury attorney as soon as possible to protect your right to compensation.

What to Do After a Personal Injury Accident in Manchester, NH?

Accidents can occur pretty quickly, and collisions or serious accidents often leave no opportunity for individuals to react. Traumatic accidents and catastrophic events don’t always leave the same degree of injury in different individuals, as they can cause harm in different ways. Although, when an individual is injured due to another’s negligence, an injured person should take the necessary steps to support their chance of recovering necessary compensation.

Steps to Take After Suffering an Injury in an Accident

Unfortunately, some accidents have severe effects or prove to be fatal for some victims. Car collisions, slip-and-fall accidents, traumatic brain injuries, defective products, and other cases can cause significant harm to those involved. Depending on the nature and severity of an accident, you may have the chance to take the immediate and necessary steps following the event.

Contact Law Enforcement

A significant way to take action after an accident is to inform law enforcement and seek help. Some injuries or accidents may not warrant calling emergency services or notifying the police. Although, when the damage caused to you or your vehicle exceeds a certain threshold, you have the right to seek help and file a police report. Notifying the police and necessary parties helps gather the exact testimony following the accident and provides documented information from the scene. This can be retrieved and added to support your claim later on.

Exchange Information With Parties Involved

If you’ve been involved in a car collision or other type of accident, you’ll want to exchange information with the parties involved. In a car accident, the party responsible will be required to cover the expenses and damages of the injured person due to their negligence. A police report will gather important information from the scene, but you’ll want to make sure you know the parties involved and hold onto their information when exchanged.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

When you’ve been injured after an accident, seeking immediate medical attention may help you get the necessary care and treatment. Regardless of the apparent severity of your accident, short-term and long-term injuries may vary. Typically, the shock and stress you endure after a collision, fall, or traumatic event may affect your initial state. However, bruising, pain, broken bones, swelling, bleeding, and other signs and symptoms should be treated and evaluated immediately after an accident.

Capture Pictures or Video of the Scene and Injuries Sustained

Understandably, there may not be much time or thought about gathering images or recordings immediately after an accident. Although, family members, nearby witnesses, traffic cams, surveillance footage, and other methods of retrieving digital proof can help your case significantly. If you capture any images or recordings of the accident scene that resulted in your injuries, your legal team can add them to support your case. Additionally, a skilled legal team may provide the resources to gather sufficient evidence.

Notify Your Insurance Company and Necessary Parties

Depending on the type of accident you endure, there may be certain parties to notify after the event. In a car collision, you’ll need to make a claim and notify your car insurance company that you have been injured due to the collision. In product liability cases, it’s necessary to notify the manufacturer and any companies involved. Speaking with your legal team can help you determine how to make your claim and what permissions may be granted to necessary parties. Avoid signing unnecessary permissions, statements, or records release forms to parties that may be attempting to gather the information that counters your claim.

Consult With an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

Accidents are unpredictable and leave traumatic effects on many individuals. When you have endured injuries and are forced with the difficulties of a personal injury claim, it’s crucial to hire an experienced personal injury attorney that can benefit your case and support your rights. An accident goes beyond physical injuries and can affect injured victims for many years. At Kenison Law Office, our seasoned and experienced injury lawyer in Manchester, NH provides the resources and necessary skills to put the best foot forward when pursuing compensation.

Take the First Step Toward Getting Your Life Back by Contacting Our Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys in Manchester, NH

Medical bills and other expenses begin to pile up immediately following a serious accident. If you are feeling overwhelmed, we understand and we can help. Contact our personal injury law firm today.

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