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10 Tips for Motorcycle Riding in the Summer Months

Kenison Law Office, PLLC Oct. 4, 2023

The summer months invite many people to spend time outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. A popular form of transportation and leisure in New Hampshire is motorcycle riding. While many people enjoy riding a motorcycle on roads and highways daily, there are dangers and hazards to be wary of when operating a motorcycle. Learning the best motorcycle safety tips to maintain safer roads and highways.

Car and motorcycle riders have a responsibility and duty to play their part in being cautious and safe drivers. However, severe collisions and accidents still occur, and many result in serious injury or fatalities for motorcyclists. Kenison Law Office has years of experience in helping injured motorcyclists after enduring a collision where a negligent driver caused them harm.

Major Causes of Summertime Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle is often a joyous and exciting activity for bikers. A general downside to this transportation is the dangers and hazards many encounters on streets and highways. Understanding some of the significant causes of motorcycle accidents and taking the necessary measures to help prevent injury in the case of an accident can help many.

Common causes of motorcycle accidents during the summer include:

  • Motorcycle lane splitting

  • Left-turn accidents

  • Lane switching collisions

  • Head-on collisions

  • DUIs or intoxication

  • Speeding

The summer months often invite many tourists, travelers driving through the state, and typical traffic of daily life. Varying factors play a role in how and when motorcycle collisions occur. However, motorcyclists may take precautions to avoid reckless or endangering situations on the road. 

10 Tips for Riding a Motorcycle During New Hampshire’s Summer Months

The summer months differ from other seasons due to warmer weather, construction, road changes, traffic, tourism, and other factors. To enjoy the warmer weather and share roads and highways safely, motorcyclists and cars may use extra caution while traveling. 

1. Wear a Helmet While Riding

Riding a motorcycle is known to be dangerous at times, as many have been in fatal collisions or suffered severe head injuries from a crash. In New Hampshire, bikers are not required to wear helmets while riding. However, helmets provide added protection in severe crashes even though there is no guarantee of being free from harm.

2. Wear Ventilated Clothing and Use Additional Protective Gear

In the warm months, it can be challenging to wear summer motorcycle gear while riding. Typically, bikers use tough and heavy clothing to protect themselves, but this practice may not be practical in hot weather. Ideally, wearing ventilated clothing that protects exposed skin and body areas can help prevent road rash and severe injuries if ever in a collision. Protection from sunburns and exposure may also help riders traveling long distances during the day.

3. Follow and Obey All Traffic Laws

Following all traffic rules is the duty of any person operating a moving vehicle or type of vessel in New Hampshire. Since motorcycles are smaller than cars or trucks, many take advantage of their maneuverability and evade traffic congestion. However, bikers are required to follow traffic rules and laws just as other vehicles on the road.

4. Keep Up With Your Motorcycle Maintenance

When warmer weather is in the midst, motorcycle wheels, brakes, and other parts require routine maintenance and care. Especially if a bike is tucked away until the summer season starts, ensuring that the bike is operable and safe to ride during the warmer months helps prevent accidents and unnecessary breakdowns.

5. Avoid Blindspots and Use Your Headlights

Since motorcycles differ significantly from cars and trucks, it is essential to understand the specific challenges bikers may face while sharing the road with others traveling. Cars and trucks must be cautious of blind spots that may inhibit their view of other vehicles and motorcycles. Many motorcycle crashes have resulted from bikers getting caught in a driver’s blind spot and having no time to react to prevent a collision. Using headlights and avoiding a car’s blind spot can help stop the occurrence of preventable accidents.

6. Use Your Turn Signals When Appropriate

Using turn signals is an essential driving habit of all drivers and motorists on New Hampshire roadways. Many can prevent collisions, sideswiping, and dangerous situations by using turn signals and waiting for the appropriate time to turn and switch lanes.

7. Avoid Trying to Perform Dangerous Stunts

Movies and TV shows often portray motorcycle riding as an exciting way to drive, but performing dangerous stunts on roads and highways leaves many injured or results in fatalities. As a biker, it is essential to understand how motorcycles work when used correctly and avoid the urge to ride dangerously, such as on one wheel, traveling at higher than average speeds, racing other bikers, and weaving through traffic recklessly.

8. Stay Hydrated and Avoid Driving Intoxicated

It’s no surprise that summer months bring warmer temperatures and can bring dangers for many people. Staying hydrated and avoiding sickness from heat exposure should be a part of every biker’s daily routine, as many are exposed to direct sunlight while riding. Drunk driving also contributes to many collisions yearly, and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal. When riding responsibly, many bikers avoid the dangers of driving during the summer.

9. Use Both Brakes When Coming to a Complete Stop

Motorcyclists use brakes to come to a complete stop, whether at a stop sign or a red light. However, bikers must press both brakes handles to ensure their bike stops instead of pressing a brake pedal as motor vehicle drivers do. Using only one brake handle may malfunction, cause an accident, or cause injury.  

10. Refrain From Tailgating Other Motorists and Vehicles

Traffic seems to be unending during the summer, especially around tourist spots, vacation areas, and towns with a busier population. When cars are parked bumper to bumper on busy streets and highways, bikers may be tempted to tailgate or ride around other vehicles. To ride safely, refraining from tailgating and keeping a safe distance can prevent a collision.

Call Kenison Law Office to Speak With an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcyclists often face dangers and hazards that other vehicles and drivers may not experience, as the nature of their transportation leaves them more vulnerable to outside factors. Depending on the cause of a collision, the protective gear used while in an accident, and other considerations, motorcyclists may be severely injured during an accident. Despite the safety measures and precautions that motorcyclists take regularly, many find themselves in a collision or their families suffer the loss of a loved one.

If you are severely injured or suffer severe damage because of another’s negligence, speaking with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer at Kenison Law Office may help you gather the resources you need for a successful injury claim. To schedule a consultation at no cost to you, complete a contact form or give us a call  to speak with our law office.