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Workers' Compensation Attorney in Manchester, New Hampshire

No one goes to work each day expecting to be injured and suffer the damages of a workplace accident. In recent years, there has been a drop in workplace-related injuries attributed to companies cracking down on effective safety measures and implementing employee safety education. Although, workplace injuries still affect a wide range of American workers every year. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in 2019, private industry workers reported 2.8 million non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses, translating to about 2.8 cases for every 100 full-time workers.

Additionally, almost five thousand workplace fatalities were reported in the United States in 2020. Kenison Law Office PLLC has helped thousands of clients protect their rights and has fought to help ensure their rightful benefits are awarded. If you have suffered injuries during your workday, a skilled workers’ compensation attorney may be able to help you understand your rights, represent you in a courtroom, and help you feel at ease throughout the legal process.

Common New Hampshire Workplace Injuries

Safety is an essential aspect of a workplace, regardless of the industry of one’s employment. Many have seen the adverse effects of unsafe working conditions, improper safety procedures, dangerous equipment, lack of training, hazardous employee working conditions, and other factors contributing to many work-related injuries yearly.

Industries that have high numbers of reported workplace industries yearly include:

  • Transportation and warehousing

  • Healthcare

  • Construction

  • Food and Hospitality

  • Retain trade

Common types of work-related injuries reported in workers’ compensation claims include:

  • Strains

  • Muscle injury

  • Contusions

  • Lacerations

  • Punctures

  • Burns

  • Fractures or broken bones

  • Eye injuries

  • Significant trauma

  • Catastrophic bodily injury

Whether you’ve been mildly or severely affected in a workplace accident or injury, you may be eligible to receive your workers’ compensation benefits that are set aside for these circumstances. Although many injured workers are awarded compensation for these cases every year, many find difficulty and challenges in getting the compensation they are entitled to receive. Some are even discriminated against and suffer profound life changes due to disability and other long-term effects of a serious work-related accident.

Essential Aspects of a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Understanding workers’ compensation and the aspects that create a claim may help you understand your rights and put your best foot forward when seeking this help. Financially, many injured workers rely on the benefits they are entitled to because of the wrongful working conditions or accidents that caused them harm.

Frequent causes of work-related injuries include:

  • Slip-and-fall accidents

  • Contact with dangerous equipment or objects

  • Exposure to harmful environments, chemicals, and conditions

  • Violence and cases of intentional harm

  • Employer, employee, or company negligence

  • Transportation accidents

Here are some essential aspects of a New Hampshire work injury claim:

  • It is important to notify your employer and file necessary paperwork immediately after the injury occurs.

  • Hiring a qualified workers’ compensation attorney helps your case meet deadlines and progress smoothly.

  • You have the right to choose your doctor for work-related injuries and seek medical attention immediately.

  • If you are permitted to return to work, your employer must abide by doctor’s orders for employee work limitations.

  • If your claim is denied, you have a right to initiate an appeal within eighteen months and dispute the denial at the hearing.

Depending on where you are in your workers’ compensation journey, it can be challenging to navigate through the processes of a claim and handle the necessary documentation. Suppose your claim is denied or your benefits are less than what you are entitled to. In that case, your attorney may dispute the insurance company’s decision and work to ensure that your rights and employee benefits are protected.

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Benefits of Workers’ Compensation for Work-Related Injuries

There are different types of workers’ compensation benefits you may qualify for if you are injured in the workplace. Generally, these benefits cover the medical expenses for all work-related injuries immediately. For temporary or permanent disability needs, there is a waiting period for these benefits to go into effect.

Standard distribution schedule of workers’ compensation benefits include:

  • Medical benefits: Typically cover 100% of medical costs for injured workers and also pay cash benefits for time off work after up to a seven-day waiting period.

  • Temporary disability: Benefits are paid according to the duration and severity of an injured worker’s disability. Most receive these benefits until they fully recover and return to work.

  • Permanent disability: For permanently disabled workers, permanent disability benefits are paid out if they reach the maximum medical improvement and are permanently unable to work. Partial permanent disability benefits may be awarded when an injured worker is impaired but not entirely unable to work.

  • Fatal accidents: Death benefits for work-related injuries may be awarded to an individual’s family or dependents for the funeral, burial expenses, and cash benefits.

Regardless of your workers’ compensation needs, a specialized lawyer may help you gather the resources and documentation and negotiate with insurance companies to help you recover the benefits you qualify for after a workplace accident.

How a Manchester Attorney Can Help Your Work Injury Claim

Workers’ compensation can be challenging to navigate on your own, especially when filing a claim and submitting helpful documentation to support your benefits. Without a specialized attorney to offer legal advice and oversee the success of an eligible work injury claim, many suffer additional losses by settling for an insurance claim denial.

Insurance companies sometimes deny a claim due to inaccurate documentation, lack of medical records, and other reasons. Lack of proof and employer discrimination contribute to loss of benefits and employment. However, an attorney can assess your situation and work to ensure that your benefits are in place if you return to work or need time off due to a lengthy recovery.

We understand that challenges and hardships arise when workers are injured, and their lives are flipped upside down. Though we cannot change the occurrence and situation causing harm, we work to help ensure that our clients’ needs and rights are lawfully upheld. An experienced team of legal professionals at Kenison Law Office PLLC is accessible for injured workers in the Manchester community.

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With so many rules and regulations, deadlines, and other vital aspects of workers’ compensation claims, hiring a skilled Manchester workers’ compensation lawyer helps you put your best foot forward in any case. Insurance carriers and providers have experienced legal teams reviewing cases and refuting claims against workplace injuries. Kenison Law Office PLLC has helped thousands of clients that suffered workplace injuries by helping to ensure their rights and benefits are protected.

Entrusting our knowledgeable attorney, John B. Kenison, Jr., with your case may help you gather the necessary resources to receive the proper compensation for injuries, medical expenses, and other critical compensable damages under your work injury claim. To schedule a consultation at no cost to you, complete a contact form or give our Manchester office a call.