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DUI Accident Attorney in Manchester, New Hampshire

A DUI Accident Attorneys Can Help Hold Drunk Drivers Accountable

Driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol is reckless and negligent. It places both the driver and others at an increased risk of suffering catastrophic injuries or even death. John B. Kenison, Jr. is a DUI accident attorney who will rely on his decades of experience working with personal injury cases to arrive at a settlement or verdict to compensate victims for their losses. If you or a loved one was injured in a DUI accident in Manchester, NH, you need a compassionate attorney on your side.  Contact us today to discuss your case and legal options with Mr. Kenison.

What Is Considered DUI?

In New Hampshire, as in most other states, drivers with a blood alcohol content (BAC) level more than .08 percent can be charged with DUI. Drivers with more than .04 percent and minors with any amount of alcohol in their system are also guilty of DUI. Driving under the influence of drugs, even certain prescription medications, can also result in a DUI conviction.

Liability in DUI Accidents

In the state of New Hampshire, it is possible that more people than the drunk driver are responsible for the accident. New Hampshire has third-party liability laws that hold bars or party hosts who over-serve drunk drivers potentially responsible for the damages caused. Victims of DUI accidents should work with an attorney like Mr. Kenison, who has represented many victims and who can help determine whether third-party liability applies and pursue damages from all responsible parties.

Mr. Kenison can fight for the full amount of compensation victims and their families deserve after a DUI accident.

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Damages for DUI Victims

If you or a loved one was a victim in a DUI accident, you can pursue damages for your injuries and other losses. Compensation after a DUI accident may include:

  • Property damages

  • Pain and suffering for the victim

  • Damages for all medical bills and rehabilitation

  • Damages for loss of wages or earning capacity due to an inability to work

If a DUI accident resulted in a fatality, immediate family members can file a wrongful death claim against the responsible parties. Damages in a wrongful death claim may include compensation for:

  • Funeral expenses

  • Medical expenses

  • Loss of consortium or companionship for loved ones

  • Loss of income contribution

  • Pain and suffering felt by the victim before death

Mr. Kenison has achieved settlements in Manchester, NH motor vehicle accident cases in excess of $300,000. He can fight for the full amount of compensation victims and their families deserve after a DUI accident. He has an extensive network of connections who can aid in investigations, accident reconstruction, and providing expert testimony. These professionals come from a variety of different backgrounds and industries and can ensure DUI accident victims get the compensation they deserve.

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If you or your loved one has suffered serious injuries in a DUI accident, schedule a free consultation with Mr. Kenison today by contacting our law office by phone. You can also contact our firm. Kenison will review your case in detail and go over the next steps in the legal process.