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Burns Injury Attorney in Manchester, New Hampshire

Burn injuries are among the most traumatic and life-altering injuries you can experience. They can lead to significant physical pain, emotional distress, and financial strain due to medical bills and the potential loss of income. Whether they occur at work, at home, or in a public setting, the impact of a burn injury can go beyond immediate physical damage, affecting every facet of your life depending on the severity of the burn. 

Recognizing the gravity of these injuries, victims should understand their legal rights and the compensation they might be entitled to after suffering a burn injury. At Kenison Law Office, PLLC, we recognize the profound impact that burn injuries can have. With a compassionate yet determined approach, we're committed to guiding you through the laws surrounding personal injuries and burns and making sure you receive the justice and compensation you deserve. 

Types of Burns

Burn injuries are classified based on the severity and depth of the burn, each of which requires specific medical attention and carries its own set of long-term implications. The four primary types of burns include: 

  • First-degree Burns: These are the least severe, affecting only the outer layer of skin (epidermis). Symptoms may include redness, minor inflammation, and pain. Typically, first-degree burns heal quickly without permanent damage. 

  • Second-degree Burns: More severe than first-degree, second-degree burns affect both the outer layer and the underlying layer of skin (dermis). These burns cause pain, redness, swelling, and blistering. Second-degree burns can result in scarring and require more intensive treatment. 

  • Third-degree Burns: These burns penetrate the full thickness of the skin, destroying both the epidermis and dermis. Third-degree burns may appear white, blackened, or charred. Due to nerve damage, the victim might not feel pain in the area of the burn. These injuries often require skin grafting and can lead to significant scarring and functional impairment. 

  • Fourth-degree Burns: The most severe type, fourth-degree burns extend beyond the skin into muscles, tendons, and bones. These burns can often be life-threatening and require immediate medical intervention. Recovery often involves long-term rehabilitation and multiple surgeries. 

Understanding the type and severity of a burn injury is essential to file a legal case, as they significantly affect the amount of compensation that can be sought for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other damages. At Kenison Law Office, PLLC, we take every factor into account to ensure you receive the support and advocacy you need during your recovery.

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Common Causes of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries can result from a multitude of sources, often due to negligence or lack of safety measures. The causes of burn injuries commonly stem from thermal burns (fire/flame or scalding), chemical burns, electrical burns, radiation burns, and contact burns: 

  • Fire/Flame: Perhaps the most straightforward cause, injuries from fire or flames can occur in households, workplaces, and public spaces due to unattended fires, faulty wiring, or improper handling of flammable materials. 

  • Scalding: Exposure to hot liquids or steam often results in scald burns. These are common in kitchen accidents, industrial workplaces, and bathrooms, where hot water can cause immediate skin damage. 

  • Chemical Burns: Direct contact with acids, alkalis, and other corrosive substances can cause chemical burns. These are particularly prevalent in industrial settings but can also occur in households with cleaning products or salon accidents involving strong chemicals. 

  • Electrical Burns: These burns arise from exposure to live electrical currents. Common in both workplace incidents and domestic accidents, electrical burns can lead to severe internal and external injuries. 

  • Radiation Burns: Exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun or artificial sources, such as tanning beds or X-rays, can cause radiation burns. Additionally, patients undergoing radiation therapy may experience these types of burns as a side effect. 

  • Contact Burns: These can occur when the skin comes into contact with hot surfaces, like oven racks, stove tops, or industrial machinery. They are common in both the home and workplace. 

Understanding the cause of a burn injury is crucial for establishing liability and pursuing legal action. If your burn injury occurred as a result of another's negligence or due to faulty systems or safety regulations, you may be entitled to pursue compensation. At Kenison Law Office, PLLC, we have experience dealing with a variety of burn injury cases and are dedicated to helping our clients identify the responsible parties and receive the compensation they need to aid their recovery. 

Legal Rights of Burn Victims

In New Hampshire, burn victims have specific legal rights that enable them to pursue compensation for injuries and damages incurred as a result of someone else's negligence or a failure to adhere to safety standards. Under New Hampshire’s premises liability laws, burn victims are entitled to file a lawsuit to recover damages resulting from their injuries. This compensation can be sought through personal injury claims against the responsible parties and can commonly cover: 

  • Compensation for medical expenses. This includes immediate medical treatments such as emergency care, hospital stays, and surgeries as well as long-term rehabilitation, physical therapy, and any future medical treatments related to the injury.  

  • Compensation for lost wages and loss of earning capacity. Burns can lead to time away from work and, in severe cases, may prevent a victim from returning to their previous job or working at all in the future. New Hampshire law allows for recovery of both past and future lost earnings. 

  • Compensation for pain and suffering. Burns often result in significant pain and discomfort, emotional distress, depression, and anxiety due to the trauma of the incident. New Hampshire law recognizes the right of burn victims to be compensated for these non-economic damages. 

In cases where the responsible party’s actions were particularly reckless or malicious, burn victims may be eligible to seek punitive damages. Although less common, punitive damages serve as a punishment to the wrongdoer and a deterrent against future negligent or harmful behavior. 

New Hampshire Comparative Negligence

In cases involving burn injuries, New Hampshire employs a comparative negligence rule that can significantly impact the compensation a victim may receive. This means that if the victim is found to be partly at fault for the incident that caused their injury, their compensation can be reduced proportionately to their share of the fault. 

For example, if a victim was awarded $100,000 in damages and was found to be 20% responsible for the accident, their total compensation would be reduced by 20%, awarding them $80,000. However, if a victim is found to be more than 50% responsible for the incident, they are not able to receive any compensation from the other at-fault parties under New Hampshire law. 

New Hampshire Statute of Limitations

For personal injuries, including burn injuries, the state of New Hampshire statute of limitations allows victims three years from the date of the incident to file a claim or lawsuit. However, if the victim is a minor under the age of 18 at the time of injury, this deadline does not begin until they turn 18. If you fail to file within this three-year window, it can jeopardize your right to seek compensation. However, exceptions may apply depending on the case's specifics, making it imperative to consult with experienced legal counsel as soon as possible following an injury. 

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At Kenison Law Office, PLLC, our attorneys possess the dedication needed to advocate for burn victims' rights and to help them secure fair compensation to aid in their recovery. With over 30 years of experience and a deep understanding of burn injury cases, we've successfully represented numerous burn injury victims, acting as a formidable ally in their legal journeys. If you or a loved one has suffered a burn injury, trust in us to advocate for your rights and well-being every step of the way.

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Burn injuries require compassionate representation to make sure you receive the support and compensation you deserve. At Kenison Law Office, PLLC, we're dedicated to providing you with personalized attention and relentless advocacy. If you or a loved one has suffered a burn injury, don't hesitate to contact us for a thorough evaluation of your case. Located in Manchester, New Hampshire, we proudly serve clients throughout Manchester, Concord, Lebanon, Dover, Nashua, Berlin, and Littleton.