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6 Most Common Causes of Summer Car Accidents in New Hampshire

Kenison Law Office, PLLC Oct. 4, 2023

Summer months are enjoyed because of the warmer weather, outdoor activities, standard time away from school, and other benefits. However, the summer months may bring added risks to local drivers and tourists utilizing New Hampshire’s roads and highways. Understanding the common causes and contributing factors of summer vehicle collisions may help drivers be safe on the road.

In New Hampshire, most car accidents occur in rural areas rather than urban areas like in many other states within the United States. Kenison Law Office seeks to help car accident victims after another driver’s negligence has injured them. With our legal resources and case support, you may feel more at ease during the personal injury claim process.

Expected Driving Conditions in the Summertime

During the summertime in New Hampshire, many already expect weather changes and warmer temperatures. Additionally, some factors in car collisions may be attributed to the summertime months. Changes in population, road maintenance, warmer weather, and other changes during a New Hampshire summer increase risks for collisions and unfortunate accidents.

Staying alert while driving is essential for all drivers at all times. However, different seasons throughout the year may bring about challenges when operating a vehicle. While locals may expect snow days during the winter, understanding how the summer heat affects a vehicle can help prevent accidents from happening during these months.

6 Common Causes of Car Collisions During the Summer

Various aspects change driving conditions and road safety during the summer season.

1. Tourism and Road Congestion

The summertime is a popular time for travel, vacationing, and tourism throughout the United States. It is not uncommon for locals to drive on roadways and see vehicles from other states within the typical traffic flow. During the summer months, increased tourism and road congestion may lead to aggressive driving, traffic violations, speeding, and other driving behaviors that cause collisions.

2. Teen Drivers Are on Summer Break

When student drivers are on break from school, they may use their driving privilege more throughout their permitted hours on a given day. This increases the traffic on roads since more people are traveling from one destination to another. Additionally, driving alongside inexperienced drivers may increase the risk of collisions. Teen drivers are also more likely to use a cell phone while driving or engage in negligent driving habits.

3. Car Malfunctions in the Summer Heat

When the summer heat arrives in New Hampshire, you may expect your vehicle to increase its temperature when parked outdoors. Common summer heat problems include tire damage, engine overheating, or a dead battery. When car parts malfunction, need repairs, or are neglected of proper maintenance, there is an increased chance of causing a collision or experiencing an accident.

4. Drunk Driving

Although drunk driving collisions occur every day of the year, the summer months may bring a spike in alcohol-related car accidents. Holidays such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, and the Fourth of July are typically celebrated in New Hampshire, whether indoors or at outdoor boating activities. Many people drink alcohol during these holidays, and there is a greater risk for drunk driving fatalities.

5. Motorcyclists

Warmer weather understandably brings more people outdoors. For motorcyclists and bicyclists, the summer months are the desired time to travel on bikes. However, with lower visibility of motorcycles and bicycles, car drivers and other vehicles on the road are at an increased risk for crashing with bikes if they are not cautious or obeying traffic laws.

6. Construction on Roadways

Construction workers and road repairs are not uncommon on roads and highways during the summer months. Many states perform repairs, construction, and maintenance throughout the year, mainly when the weather permits. Changes in routes, unexpected road conditions, increased commute times, and other factors can contribute to car accidents during the summer when road construction is occurring.

Speak With an Expert Personal Injury Lawyer at Kenison Law Office After a Car Accident

Warmer weather is enjoyable for various reasons. Outdoor activities, breaks from schooling, tourism, vacations, and summer holidays are among the awaited pastimes that people enjoy doing this season. However, the summer months also bring about weather changes, increased wear and tear on vehicles, road construction, and traffic jams. Along with other circumstances such as drunk driving, these factors may increase the risk and chances of getting into a car accident.

At Kenison Law Office, our personal injury lawyer understand the difficulties of car collisions and how our clients experience both non-economic and monetary losses due to a car crash. If you have been injured in a crash, you may be able to seek compensation by filing an injury claim against the responsible party. To schedule a free consultation, you may complete a contact form or reach out to our office by calling.