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Here’s How Experts Rate the Risks of These Popular Summer Activities

Kenison Law Office, PLLC Oct. 4, 2023

Following the quarantine stages in the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are eager to partake in popular summer activities again. Although, there are varying risks associated with heading outdoors and enjoying these activities. In New Hampshire, the summer months invite tourists and locals to various water or land activities. When harm does occur to an innocent victim, the negligent parties responsible may be held accountable for the victim’s injury or illness. Our experienced lawyer at Kenison Law Office has dedicated over 35 years to helping ensure that clients put their best foot forward when filing injury claims and pursuing compensation.

Current Risks in the Trail of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Every person’s risk of contracting an illness or suffering harm may vary because of age, health status, and the precautions taken. The prevalence of illness depends on your area and where your summer activities are taking place. Businesses and employers within New Hampshire have a duty and responsibility to prevent their employees and customers from general harm. They are to follow proper safety measures, comply with regulations and inspections, and maintain proper maintenance with regard to their summertime services. Regarding COVID-19, the CDC offers resources and tips for business owners to comply with New Hampshire’s regulations for resuming business in the trail of the pandemic.

While the summer months offer opportunities for businesses to increase their earnings and for vacationers to enjoy, there are risks associated with popular warm-weather activities. As businesses get back into their regular operations, they have a duty to act and prevent harm to their customers. Understanding the general risks associated with popular summertime activities may help locals and visitors from avoidable dangers.

Safety Risks for Popular New Hampshire Summer Activities

Warm weather and beautiful summer days invite locals and visitors alike. There are many activities to partake in following the lockdown and limitations of the pandemic. It’s essential to understand the continual risk of harm for these summertime activities and what to do if you suffer an injury. Here are some popular summertime activities that have resulted in personal injury cases:

Visiting Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are fun and exciting places that many people enjoy. Roller coasters, shops, and eating various foods are among the best pastimes at an amusement park. Though these are fun activities to partake in, different accidents have injured visitors to theme parks. Between 1990 and 2010, over 92,000 children were treated for amusement park-related injuries in the United States. Slip, falls, roller coaster mishaps, and accidental deaths have occurred at parks worldwide. When a business owner, ride operator, or other party is negligent, accidents may occur and cause harm.

Boating and Watercraft Activities

New Hampshire is famous for boating and watercraft activities when the weather permits. Situations such as operating a boat under the influence of drugs or alcohol, collision with other watercraft, going overboard, and other accidents contribute to the many boating and watercraft accidents that occur yearly. Whether you’re boating privately with friends and family or enjoying a local business’s watercraft services, understanding what to do if you suffer injury may help you. A New Hampshire personal injury lawyer may help you recover compensation if you are injured due to another’s negligent acts, whether out on the water or land.

Swimming at Pools and Lakes

Many enjoy local pools, lakes, and 13 miles of New Hampshire’s coastline during warm weather. Around the United States, an estimated 11 drowning deaths occur each day. While swimming and enjoying local waters remains generally safe, it’s essential to be cautious. Public waterways don’t always have accessible lifeguards or emergency services on-site, posing a significant danger during a busy summer. If you have suffered harm from drowning or a family member’s wrongful death, a skilled lawyer may help you get the compensation you deserve.

Outdoor Camping and Sports

Schools and local sports clubs typically offer training and tryouts for kids’ basketball, football, baseball, volleyball, and other sports during the summer months. Also, kids and families often enjoy camping, but warm weather and extensive outdoor activities increase the risk for dehydration and heat exhaustion.

Camp counselors, chaperones, parents, coaches, school volunteers, and other parties may be liable for not taking proper precautions and being aware of taking a break from the heat. Suppose your child suffers injuries from a sports-related accident or summer camp activities. In that case, an attorney may be able to gather the evidence necessary to file a claim against the parties responsible for causing harm.

Attending Events With Fireworks

Fireworks are a popular summer activity for children and adults alike. Although, fireworks are known to be dangerous when mishandled or bought illegally. Following safety precautions are what helps fireworks remain enjoyable throughout celebrations. However, non-occupational firework-related injuries spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic, causing many eyes and burn injuries. New Hampshire permits the legal use of some kinds of fireworks and practicing celebratory safety measures for large gatherings. If someone is injured due to negligent acts of a company, business owner, neighbor, or other parties, they may take legal action against them to recover compensation for their injuries.

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It’s no surprise that people worldwide are eager to travel and enjoy the summer months as they once were before the pandemic. With many businesses re-opening and resuming their operations, the risk of enduring injury when partaking in summertime activities remains. Businesses, companies, and other parties associated with negligent acts may be held liable in a personal injury lawsuit to recover the compensation owed to injured victims.

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