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How Long Do You Have to File a Car Accident Report in New Hampshire?

Kenison Law Office, PLLC Oct. 4, 2023

Drivers may experience varying degrees of injury or damage to their property during car collisions. Although, the actual impact, if minor, may cause drivers to question if filing a car accident report is necessary. When you are on a road or highway after a New Hampshire car crash, it is crucial to understand when a car accident report is required by law and the length of time you have to file the report.

Understandably, minor side wipes or fender benders may not raise alarms for many drivers. However, there are times when car accidents require documentation regardless of the apparent damage, especially if bodily injury is involved. Our reputable car accident attorney at Kenison Law Office has helped many injured clients gather reliable evidence and file a personal injury claim to recover compensation after a car collision.

Who Should File a Car Accident Report?

All drivers on the road and involved in a collision have duties and responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is to file a car accident report after a crash. Calling law enforcement and emergency services on the scene of the accident helps document the event, get medical help for those who need it, and helps clear the scene to prevent additional accidents or harm to incoming traffic.

When you call the police on the scene, your car accident report is documented and accessible once the responding officer completes the investigation. In this case, law enforcement handles the documentation, and motorists are not responsible for notifying the DMV. When police are not called to a car accident scene, the responsibility remains on the drivers involved to complete and submit documentation. If a driver is mentally or physically incapable of reporting, the actual owner of the vehicle or representative of the vehicle may file a report.

Major accidents often cause significant harm to motorists and warrant the need to call the police. However, minor collisions may leave car accident victims with minimal harm or injuries and makes them question the need for an emergency call. Though damage to vehicles and passengers varies in car accidents, any car crash has the potential to cause property damage and significantly harm those involved. It is essential to seek medical help when necessary and contact the police after being involved in an accident where you have been injured.

How Long Do I Have to File a Car Collision Report?

Under New Hampshire Stat § 264:25, all car accidents that cause a motor vehicle death, personal injury, or combined vehicle/property damage exceeding a total damage amount of $1,000 must be reported within fifteen days of the accident. Police officers that conduct an investigation and complete a car accident report send the information to the New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles. If the police did not respond to the scene, drivers involved are required to complete and submit a written report to the DMV on form DSMV 159 within fifteen days.

Are There Consequences for Failing to File a Car Accident Report?

Failure to report a car accident in New Hampshire is typically a misdemeanor. Although, if a death or injury occurred in the accident, failure to make a report constitutes a felony charge. This type of conviction is a significant offense for any individual. In addition to facing charges, if a driver is injured or harmed in an accident and does not file a car accident report, they may lose a critical piece of evidence for the success of an injury claim.

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Car collisions are often traumatizing and troubling experiences to endure. At Kenison Law Office, our New Hampshire personal injury lawyer understands that injury cases and car crash victims vary in their need for compensation recovery. After a severe car accident occurs, you must file a car accident report and also notify your insurance company to report the collision. Our legal team offers necessary legal advice and handles your injury claim throughout the entire process.

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