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Limited Scope Representation

Kenison Law Office, PLLC Oct. 4, 2023

Personal Injury Lawyer 

We know that nobody calls an attorney during the happiest time of their life. In addition to the unexpected stress there is a great cost to mitigate. It is almost always more frugal to hire a lawyer with part(s) of your case than retain for full representation. Picking and choosing your service like this is known as limited scope representation. As long as, you can get a clear written agreement of the service required of the attorney you hire to review or file something for your case. 

It’s crucial to talk to more than one Personal injury lawyer before deciding on your final legal representation as there as many factors to consider. You’ll need to know what counties they regularly practice in, what their rates may be for different individual services are (i.e., drafting, filing, reviewing) and how much experience they have with cases like yours. A big part of those part conversation should be distinguishing between what they can offer for a flat fee and what would be on an hourly basis. Once you have the right attorney in mind, make sure to get a clearly written agreement that stipulates the details of the cost of the work, which specific parts the attorney will do and which specific parts you’ll do. 

Limited Scope Benefit of Legal Representation

Another benefit of opting for limited scope representation in your legal matter is that you get to have more control of the pace of the proceedings. Proceedings will still need to be done in the proper order but being your own advocate and doing your own legal work gives you the option to go at your own pace as much as you are allowed. Often times an attorney acting on your behalf will have to press things along to manage their own case load whereas you might prefer more time to reflect. 

Not all cases are right for limited scope representation. It may come to like that things are heavily contested, and you need someone with more experience every step of the way so that your desired outcome is more likely achieved. That would just require more of an investment in traditional legal representation. Pursuing a limited scope representation route can be empowering for people who feel most comfortable when they are able to play an active role in their legal matter. 

At the end of the day, taking your time in your decision is key. The last thing you want to do is look back in hindsight and realized you made a hasty decision and things didn’t turn out hope you’d hoped because of it. Step by step, piece by piece you can tailor your legal needs to your unique circumstance and preferences. It just takes a little work and a lot of intentional communication with the right professionals. You won’t find a more impeccable team than the staff at Brandy Austin’s Law Firm.