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Understanding the New Hampshire Car Accident Settlement Process and Timeline

Kenison Law Office, PLLC Oct. 4, 2023

No one plans on being injured in a car accident, and many victims find themselves wondering what to do in the aftermath. In New Hampshire, a person can file a lawsuit against the party at fault for the accident for compensation to cover medical costs and property damage caused by the accident. If both parties agree on terms, a settlement can be reached before the case goes to court. However, many car accident victims are unsure of how this process works as well as the steps involved.

If you are unsure of what to do following a car accident, contacting an experienced car accident attorney is in your best interest. Your attorney can provide clarity on the lawsuit and settlement process and provide you with peace of mind that your claim is in dependable hands.

What Should You Do Following a Car Accident in New Hampshire?

After a car accident, it is essential to call the police and remain at the scene until they arrive. While at the scene, you can collect the other driver’s contact and insurance information and take pictures of any damage or injuries. If the collision resulted in injury, death, or property damage exceeding $1,000, you are required to report it to New Hampshire’s Division of Motor Vehicles within 15 days.

Be sure to seek professional medical care as soon as possible not to underestimate your injuries. Injuries that may seem minor immediately following an accident can turn severe without proper care. After your medical needs are addressed, you can contact an attorney and begin the claims process.

How Car Accident Settlements Work in New Hampshire

If the accident only resulted in property damage, you may be able to work with the at-fault driver’s insurance company directly to reach a settlement. Injuries, however, are more complex and will likely require more long-term costs. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not care if you are compensated for the full extent of your injuries, and they may try to offer you the lowest amount possible. If you suffered an injury, it is crucial to contact a lawyer and file a claim against the negligent party so that you can be fairly compensated.

You can file a claim even if you were partially at fault for the accident. Due to New Hampshire’s modified comparative negligence standard, you can file a claim for damages as long as you were less than 50% at fault for the accident. Filing a claim soon after an accident ensures that evidence is intact and makes it more likely that witnesses will remember what they saw. You have three years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party. These elements can help your claim be successful and ensure you receive the compensation you need to recover from the accident entirely.

Speak to an Experienced New Hampshire Car Accident Attorney

The settlement process after a car accident can be a complicated and stressful experience. If you suffered an injury in an accident in New Hampshire, you do not need to fight alone. At Kenison Law Office, we are passionate about providing our clients with personalized and top-notch legal services. Attorney John B. Kenison has dedicated his career to helping clients across New Hampshire protect their rights and achieve the best possible settlements for their claims. Contact us today or complete our contact form for a complimentary consultation today.