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Broken Bones Attorney in Manchester, New Hampshire

Broken Bones Can Be Life-Altering Injuries

If you have sustained serious injuries in an accident, you may have a personal injury case that could benefit from the counsel of experienced attorney John B. Kenison, Jr. One of the most common types of accidental injuries are broken bones. Though they may not threaten your life, they can certainly disrupt and diminish your quality of life. If you suffered severe or multiple bone fractures, the repercussions could affect you for an extended period of time, and in some cases your health and productivity is permanently impaired. To ensure you receive the full, fair amount of legal compensation you deserve, count on Kenison Law Office PLLC in Manchester, NH. Mr. Kenison has experience working for insurance defense before representing accident victims, and his deep understanding of their processes gives him the tools to negotiate the best available outcomes for his clients.

Accidents and Broken Bones

Any type of sudden blunt-force impact can result in serious orthopedic injury. Bone fractures are commonly seen in car and motorcycle accidents, as well as slip and fall incidents. This type of injury is usually very painful, and requires emergency medical attention.

Virtually any bone in the body can suffer a fracture, including the skull and facial bones. If you have fractured your skull, jaw, spine, pelvis, or hip, the injury can be very serious. Breaking a leg, arm, foot, or hand can also mean extensive medical treatment and loss of wages.

A serious fracture, technically called a displaced fracture, means the bone has not only cracked, but separated into more than one piece. In worst cases, the bone splinters into multiple pieces (in medical terms, a comminuted fracture.) Patients suffering a severe fracture are at risk for complications, including infection of the bone and damage to blood vessels or nerves.

If your injury was caused by the negligent, careless, or willful action of another party, they, or their insurance company, can be held liable for these damages.

Any serious bone fracture will require surgery, and the bone may need to be set with pins, plates, screws, or similar devices. Recovery may include lying in traction or wearing a cast, and there will usually be need for extensive rehabilitation. The healing time ranges from a few to several months. Most patients will eventually fully heal, but in rare cases, there is permanent orthopedic impairment.

Was Negligence the Cause?


Legal Representation for Injuries

Like other types of serious injuries, broken bones are a setback in many ways. Pain and immobility turn into extended loss of productivity and income, while your medical bills mount. If your injury was caused by the negligent, careless, or willful action of another party, they, or their insurance company, can be held liable for these damages.

At the Kenison Law Firm, we help accident victims obtain rightful compensation. If John Kenison can take your case, you will have a strong, highly skilled advocate in your corner. Our firm can handle every aspect of your insurance claim and negotiate an optimal settlement for your case.

John Kenison has decades of experience representing plaintiffs in personal injury cases. His diverse background includes working as a defense attorney and many years as a professional mediator. He provides each client with personalized, hands-on representation and will work diligently to help you find justice for injuries and losses.

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